Created by Tina Hutton from her lifetime with horses and passion for education, Alternative Methods in Horsemanship™ is a synthesis of techniques that address and correct the major issues faced by horses and their riders including:

  • Rider body awareness and movement
  • Rider biomechanics and center/core awareness
  • Understanding horse behavior and communication
  • Proper gymnastic training for the horse

Tina’s expertise is solidly rooted in classical tradition from her years with the Baron Hans Von Blixen-Finecke and Jeff A. Moore, and master level certifications in Feldenkrais, TTEAM™/TTOUCH™ and rider biomechanics. If you are feeling stuck or finding that a one size fits all program is preventing your progress, schedule a session with Tina and experience what an integrative approach to riding and horsemanship will offer you and your equine partner.