Alternative Methods in Horsemanship™ - Tina's Tips

Spring is here and many of us are getting back in the saddle. If you and your equine took some time off for the winter, getting back into a routine with your horse is the order of the day. I’ll be sending you tips thoughout the spring so you can have a calm and productive start to ‘ride season’. And for those of you lucky enough to live in temperate climates year round, these tips are great regardless of the season!

TINA’S TIPS for Horse Handling Using TTEAM Methods and common sense:

Tip #1 The “WAIT” Moment:

Horses are very smart animals, but like us, they don’t always ‘get it’ on the first try. And like us, they need time to process a request so ‘The WAIT Moment’ is a great way to help your equine understand what you are asking, and it helps you be clear and fair in your communication with him/her. How do you do it?
– Plan a Set Up for Success: Be clear in your own mind the plan of action to be taken by you and your horse.  It actually helps to visualize what you want to do. – Use a Cue with Clarity.  If you want them to walk forward, be sure you are not asking them to go sideways by pulling the lead towards you (see, common sense!) – WAIT for horse’s response (remember these can be subtle like a change in breathing or a relaxing of tension especially if it’s a new task for the horse)
Your horse will enjoy this method of learning and your attention to detail and clarity, and you’ll be surprised how much the two of you can get done in a session!
Give your horse time to figure out the task and offer verbal or postural rewards at first sign of ‘Try’ from your Horse.

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