Tina Hutton, Artist



Tina Hutton, Artist

“The Beauty of Nature fills my world with wonder and joy.

 From my early childhood, a passion for drawing animals took hold of my life. Horses became my special friends, resulting in many horse portraits.


My mother believed I had a special talent for art by the time I was 12 years old. She wanted me to join a class taught by famous oil painter Nevin Kempthorne. Nevin taught adults, but Mom insisted that we schedule a private appointment with her. We showed Nevin my work to see if she would add me to her group.


Lucky me, she included me in her classes in Novato, CA in 1964!”
~ Tina Hutton


Rodan El Ajzaa, equine portrait by Tina Hutton
Tina Hutton's Plein air easel with painting in progress on location

Many people know Tina Hutton’s name as a world-renowned expert in alternative methods of horsemanship. What they might not know is that Tina’s first endeavor in life was a successful career as an artist. From her 20s to her 40s, she was a well known animal portrait artist, doing all her work by commission for happy clients.

With the growth of her careers in the world of horses and riders, Hutton set her art aside. She enjoyed international success in these fields, traveling around the world to teach workshops and coach riders in a more perceptive and empathetic way to work with their mounts. As she began to struggle with her own overwhelming pain, Tina shifted her focus further toward body work on humans. As an experienced Practitioner, Hutton’s care and instruction of people and horses in these gentle, humane methods of communication and healing spanned thirty years of active work across the globe. Learn more about Tina’s many accomplishments in these areas in the Alternative Methods in Horsemanship legacy section of her website.

“It is time to express myself through art again.”

Thirty years and many miles later, Tina decided it was time to return to her first love and begin creating art again. Art returned to her easily, and now she looks forward to re-establishing herself as an artist from her home in Oregon.

In Tina’s portfolio of art you will find landscapes and scenery, photography of nature and her travels around the world, and equine and companion animal pet portraits, with a variety of animal subjects including birds and wildlife remaining from her successful career as a young artist as well. Hutton’s earlier works are rendered primarily in pen and ink, with some pieces enhanced by the addition of watercolor. Newer works are primarily oil on canvas. You will also find a few graphite drawings included in Tina’s portfolio. Her early works are characterized by fine detail and a realistic style, while newer pieces are looser and more impressionistic.

Currently Tina is redesigning her website to reflect her change in focus. We will have it completed by the time she moves into her permanent home, with galleries of recently completed paintings as well as a few pieces of older work still in her possession. Please check back to see the changes her site’s design and to see Tina’s artwork!



Tina Hutton works with "Cappy," a rescue horse, and his human partner Wolf Israel to improve Cappy's quality of life and behavior.

Hey…What happened to Tina Hutton, Horsewoman?

Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! For years Tina worked with her body so it would perform well despite overwhelming pain from auto and horse-related injuries. However, when her doctors said the deterioration from these injuries made too dangerous for her to work with horses any longer in 2015, she made the decision to fall back to her first career…and her first love…of art. Tina would like you to know that she has preserved the legacy Alternative Methods in Horsemanship™ pages and blog posts from her previous website. They are still available to those who are looking for information to help with their horses, other companion animals, or even their own bodies. You can find more/current information and active Practitioners to work with at Linda Tellington-Jones’ TTOUCH™ website, www.ttouch.com.


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