Learning is an on-going process, in my life. Whether I think I’ve arrived at the peak of knowledge or not, exposing myself to more education seems to keep opening more doors of options, ideas and understanding…and increases my list of potential possibilities for problem solving!

Over the last two decades, I’ve become more aware of a transition/expansion of the use of the horse species. In primitive times, they were work related objects to pull our belongings with us, then to carry us across the planet. They helped us herd livestock, hunt for food, fight battles, transport communications, and more. In modern times, they are our favorite hobby/ sport partner. Perhaps humans historically only saw these animals as objects…yet when I read in the book by Xenophon (‘The Art of Horsemanship’), I’m seeing thoughtful observations from as far back as 400 BC:

“The one great precept and practice in using a horse is this, – never deal with him when you are in a fit of passion. A fit of passion is a thing that has no foresight in it, and so we often have to rue the day when we gave way to it. consequently, when your horse shies at an object and is unwilling to go up to it, he should be shown that there is nothing fearful in it, least of all to a courageous horse like him; but if this fails, touch the object yourself that seems so dreadful to him, and lead him up to it with gentleness. Compulsion and blows inspire only the more fear; for when horses are at all hurt at such a time, they think that what they shied at is the cause of the hurt”

I’m now seeing horses ‘repurposed’ in some intriguing and valuable ways that help humans in more than just physical situations. Horses are being utilized more often to branch out into teaching humans how to manage their own lives better. Many psychology and medical organizations are using horses to create new methods of helping humans regain better minds and better bodies…even better ‘spiritual’ or intuitive expression.

The seminar I attended in Sonoma County from Aug 24-26 was focusing on the ideas relating to ‘Conscious Living’. While using our brain intelligence is always of importance, this course seemed to bring out the value of remembering how other layers in our body systems also play a part in handling life in better ways.

The lecture given by Arianna Strozzi (www.skyhorseranch.com) offered much to think about…here are some notes that caught my attention and resonated with my view of how horses may influence our quality of living life:

TIna’s Blog #2 Report on attending ‘Horses,Somatics and Spirit: An Equine-Guided Program in Conscious Living” September 2012

Various definitions of the word ‘somatic: – the art and science of the inter-relational process between awareness, biological function and environment, all three factors being understood as a synergistic whole; the mind, body , spirit as a unity. The unity of the self. – of or relating to the body

– ‘the experience of the body’, as subjectively experienced by the

consciousness who inhabits it

Comments per Arianna:

“Horses make decisions on how they feel, not how they think…horses are ‘somatic wizards’. For humans, mind is a part of our social animal…we worry of what others think of ourselves, thus we need to listen to all of our body senses, not just our minds”

“Horses teach us to be …” – nonjudgmental – curious / playful – resilient – patient – honest / frank – mystical

To Arianna, the concept of exhibiting a role of Leadership in a horse relationship (not her favorite word to describe this, but was the one she used) equals Relationships…to self, to others and the view of the world.

Offers us something to think about as we process how to improve our relationship with our horses…and hopefully, within ourselves and with others in our lives…

Chew this over awhile and see what you think…Wishing you all the Best! Tina Hutton

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