Tina’s Blog   December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012 has passed by and New Year 2013 is coming quickly.

Lots of Christmas cards came to me this year from so many clients and friends.  They all brought to mind lots of memories of the work we had done together that renewed successful relationships with humans and their animals.

The Tellington TTouch work isn’t the only technique that I specialize in, but it sure has some fun stories that keep me grinning from ear to ear, and from year to year!

Back in the mid 1990’s, one of my four-legged customers included a session with an emotional young Pot Bellied Pig that had no interest in connecting to humans, and if she felt unsure or uninterested in working with her owner, she would literally ‘scream’ like a Banshee! I have an old VHS video that a friend of the pig’s owner had recorded of our hour-long session and I still watch it with utter amazement.

We ended up starting the session with the pig in her owner’s lap, still squealing away.

I first did some TTouch on the owner’s upper back and shoulders, and gave her some ideas about calming signals of a specific style of breathing.

Then I began to do my breath work, audible exhales and started gentle TTouch on the pig’s body. It was fascinating to remember how she carried on for more time than I had hoped…it was a real opportunity for me to practice keeping myself calm and grounded, rather than let the pig’s emotions take me down that same tense path!

Suddenly, her volume and rate of screaming began to lower and slow down!  Her pattern would flare up, once she realized she was relaxing a bit more, then she would again slow down her anxiety, her noise and her opinions.

Within a period of time, she simply stopped yelling, cuddled into the arms and lap of her owner, closed her eyes a bit more, and began to focus on what I was doing to her body.

Her owner’s eyes were widening and staring from me to her pig to her friend taking the video…she had no idea this gentle, quiet bodywork could change her piggy from one extreme to another!!

Then I stepped away from them both, and verbally guided the owner to use each of her hands in certain ways to do TTouch, first on the pig’s hindquarters where one hand lay, then the other hand did gentle TTouch on the side of the pig’s face and mouth.


The owner began to quietly weep as she felt her pig become so relaxed in her arms.

I’ve read that pigs are quite intelligent, often smarter than even dogs or cats.

I decided to take Miss Piggie’s ‘word’ about the positive results of this session and again, was so grateful to have learned this wonderful work :  )

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