My October 2012  EBlast of Tina’s Tips will be about my 3-D breathing technique for the improvement of riders and their horses.

I find so many clients make remarkable observations of riding and training improvements  after they learn this way of utilizing the act of breathing, that I decided to include it in today’s Blog.

We know that doing a better job of inhaling is important…our bodies rely on Oxygen to keep us alive!!

What I learned from my lessons in ‘Optimal Breathing’ by Michael Grant White was the value of our Exhales…not only that we do it, but more importantly, HOW we do it. As I learned these new ideas in my own body, I observed other amazing things:

– HOW I execute the Exhale becomes a form of language or communication to all living beings around me.

– HOW I execute the Exhale does more to alter my own body than when I simply focused on doing all I could to  increase Inhale stage

– HOW I execute the Exhale even improves both my own riding balance/stability and the physical/emotional response of my horse when I cue for transitions!!

There is more to share about how to do 3-D Breath Work with Tina, but  folks may need to attend my rider classes to get the whole lesson.

This winter, as I have done for nearly 24 years, I will again set up monthly classes called “Finding Your Rider Within”. They will be conducted here at my new location/classroom in Applegate Valley, southern Oregon. They are unique in many ways, and do not require the attendance of your horse…in fact, horses have Thanked me often for helping their riders to improve their rider balance/symmetry  before ever mounting the equine bodies. Many a rider has gone home from classes, mounted their horses to test results, and called me to say “Most of the complaints I made about my horse have now disappeared!  I had no idea that so much of the asymmetry the horse exhibited was derived from my own body!!”

Many riders have also informed me that the changes they learned in class also improved how their bodies felt and functioned in doing their daily lives :  )

Watch the website calendar where I will soon be setting up those dates!  Classes will begin in January  and continue through May each year.  Each class has its own unique theme, so there is something to gain in each one. Attending all the season of classes gives riders the best additions to their toolbox

If you want these “Finding Your Rider Within” classes taught in your own region, contact me to learn how we can set up those classes in your own area.



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