1)  The first seminar is “Horses, Somatics, and Spirit: An Equine-Guided Program in Conscious Living”, taught by Dr Beverley Kane and Ariana Strozzi.

This one caught my interest as I spent 6 years developing a TTouch version of Animal Assisted Therapy for At Risk Teens, as well as 8 years creating a second youth/equine program called “Lessons for Life”. Involving horses in the path of human development seems important in my view of life.

Here is a short description of their topics:

“Horses are consummate teachers of somatics and somato-spiritual consciousness. Somatics is the integration of sensory awareness and physical movement with the intellectual, emotional, and intuitive expressions of consciousness. Equine-guided experiences draw upon the physical and metaphysical nature of the horse to help us practice mindfulness, clear communication, and relationship. Horses rekindle our playfulness and feelings of peace and wellbeing. When horses react to our body language and energy, we learn to trust our somatic responses.

Participants will learn and experience:

  • The Four Ways of Wisdom based on Carl Jung’s classic Psychological Types Somato-spiritual practices for daily living
  • Somatic indicators of clarity of purpose and intention Validation of intuitive abilities and sensate knowledge
  • Basic techniques for interspecies communication
  • Alternate states of consciousness through connecting with animals and the land

This workshop is suitable for psychologists, teachers, healers, therapists, academics, and scientists. It is particularly valuable for people who are interested in the power of intention and manifestation and those who are working with physical issues, including peak performance, martial arts, and healing themselves and others.”

2)  The second seminar is a 5 day research symposium and Feldenkrais Method Conference in San Francisco. The title is “Embodying Neuroscience” and one of the evening speakers will be Dr Michael Merzenich, PhD. He is an eminent neuroscientist, and featured in several of the brain study books I’ve been reading this past year.

Here is the overview of this big event:

We invite you to attend a special event focusing on neuroscience and highlighting the synergy of theory and practice in the domains of human development, learning and performance. Plan now to join us in the San Francisco Bay Area at the 2012 Esther Thelen Research Symposium and Feldenkrais Method Annual Conference, “Embodying Neuroscience: The Feldenkrais Method in Human Development, Performance and Health.”

The idea of “embodied neuroscience” offers rich insights, a rewarding challenge and opportunities for scientists, teachers and health care providers. The Feldenkrais Methodof somatic education is an avenue through which scientific understanding of learning, thought, emotion and behavior becomes EMBODIED – concrete and perceptible.


  • Keynote address by Dr. Michael Merzenich
  • Presentations by internationally known researchers and scholars
  • 26 Feldenkrais Method workshops
  • Ongoing discussion: Mentoring Awareness through Movement lessons
  • Opportunities to connect Practical applications of leading-edge research
  • Poster sessions
  • Access to the Feldenkrais Science Network (feldscinet.org)


Yes, I love learning…and the results are that I have more ideas and options to share with my wonderful clients, both two legged and four legged!

So I will post a blog after each event and let you know what amazing things I was exposed to from this wide array of amazing people and horses…


With Warm Regards


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