I enjoy writing thoughts that come to me for this blog, though sometimes my busy schedule keeps me from posting as often as the thinking!
Since my recent move to another state, I’m still going through many files and records of my long history of equine education and teaching.
Today I found a lovely card from a client who had attended a clinic the year before she wrote this card to me. That clinic was one of the special combo clinics, taught by both Tina Hutton and Donna Snyder-Smith.
Here is her report on the changes of her relationship with her horse, since that clinic.

” Dear Tina,
It’s a long time coming, but I want to share some wonderful changes going on with me and my horse, ‘Chaca’. She’s a 6 yr old Quarter Horse who tended to be “snorty” in new situations and a little suspicious of strangers. In addition, she has a habit of jerking her Right front leg out of my hand when I cleaned her hoof.

Since our week of Centered Riding and TTEAM last year with you and Donna, she no longer snorts nor does she appear to be so suspicious of strangers and strange situations. She is much more calm. Even the leg jerking has improved somewhat after sessions of leg circles and gentle stretches, although I need to be more consistent.

One interesting thing I noticed – During the winter I leave her shoes off. It seems that her jerking is less when I clean her feet during winter grooming sessions (?). So much to learn!!

I thoroughly enjoy that week of CR and TTEAM!

Thank You for your contributions and sharing your expertise.
‘Chaca’ and I both experienced a start to better understanding of ourselves and our relationship with each other.

Here’s to a good, horsey 1996!
Bonnie Hearn, CA”

Many Thanks to Bonnie, for sharing what her learning of new ideas lead to in her path of life with her horse…let this inspire us all to keep our minds open to adding more knowledge as time goes by…Your Horse will Thank You for this!!

Best Wishes for a Wonderful World with your Horse!

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