Well, we all love to ride, and that won’t go away. Do we give attention to HOW we operate in our own bodies before riding?

Here is a story from a client who had first approached me for riding/training instruction to help continue education for her two young horses.
The reality was that this client has serious auto-immune body issues that she handles, as best she can, in order to keep an active lifestyle. Yet the pain issues sent her to me ultimately for a regular series of human bodywork this past winter 2012/2013.  Her last rides of Autumn 2012 on any of her three horses (one older and experienced horse, and two young and lovely horses) left her with “feeling insecure on the horses, and feeling poor balance while riding”.
We met every other week for sessions in my human career path called “Body Ergonomics”. I am certified in multiple body therapy techniques, have long history of practitioner time in Centered Riding and TTEAM, and blend all for great results. Clients often combine work with me and their chiropractors for even more results.

This Spring of 2013, this client offered me a conversation about her first ride of the year. She was feeling so much different in her body movements and balance abilities on the ground, that she chose to ride her older horse “Holly” on a bareback pad instead of a saddle. Here is what she told me of this experience:

“It seemed like my hips were free and independent with movement…my hips felt like they followed and absorbed the movement from the horse with fluidity. Finally, I felt balanced and safe as a rider!”

Her next comments told me that her horse confirmed that her cues to the horse were great!  It was the first time her horse obeyed turn and stop cues from the rider’s seat influences…and the horse seemed more happy to be a partner in their relationship.

They accomplished pleasant walk and TROT in their arena with simply a bareback pad.  Then they rode out onto nearby forest trails that had rough surfaces and some hill climbs.  The horse stumbled once, but the rider never felt fear or imbalance.  As she put it, ” I stayed Balanced, Secure, Confident and very HAPPY!”

Horses only tell us the Truth…how well are we listening?  I sure appreciate feedback from clients, whether two legged or four legged!

Have a Happy Day!


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