to all who touch one’s own heart

In the ongoing process of unpacking after a major move to another state, I am continually coming across family memory milestones of my life.

Yesterday, I found an album that my mother had put together, spanning 1952-1955.

It’s focus was on time spent with my paternal grandmother, Rena Boyer Hutton, at her 70+ acre ranch in Upper Lake, CA.  She had been born in 1886, and lived till 102!

She had been raised on ranches in the Colousa County area of California’s North Central Valley, and in early adult years, had been a homesteader in parts of southern and eastern Oregon…so having animals in her life were from her very beginning of existence!

Here she is, as a young girl, cart driving a horned goat…she evolved into a great horse handler as she grew up.

Turns out, I was brought up with animals and ranching in my brain as well as my blood…here is Grandma and I… summer of 1952, the year I was born, and she was 66 yrs. old.

Wow, from the very beginning, I got to feel what horses must feel like…I had my own paddock! But I always preferred open spaces and fre

Then I got to feel what it was like to be in a carriage or cart.


The Hutton family is known for it’s hard work ethics, and now I can see how we got introduced to joining the work force, very early on. Must have been a hot day, eh? Didn’t stop gardening chores…and look, Tina filled the bowl!

Look what I began to see in the field…a large, magnificent horse who my uncle used for riding, or packing, when he’d go long distances for deer hunting journeys…I think his name was ‘Buck’, and from stories I vaguely recall hearing from Uncle Jack and my dad, Jerry, that is something this horse did often and well…so he was ultimately sold to a bucking horse rodeo!

Well, it was time to learn to BE a horse…pulling my wagon, and holding my partially chewed on apple…yup, horses and I form connections from the deepest, inner intuitive sense, to this very day!



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