My long history of working with clients who care for their horses has gifted me with case histories that bring tears to my eyes.
I recently received word from a long time client in the SF/Bay Area that one of our mutual client friends just passed away. I looked up my folder about that client and saw what amazing things she had to say about the results of our TTEAM work with her elderly rescue horse, “Cappy”.
In 1991, we had our first appointment at the Golden Gate Stables in San Francisco. The horse had been a hard used cowboy stock horse, and had several physical and emotional issues from his rough life. His new owner, known by her special name of “Wolf”, stepped up and spent much of her time learning everything she could to help this horse have a better life. I first met this horse when he was 23 yr old Quarter Horse gelding. He had Navicular blind right eye, various body pain and balance issues, and really hated the oral worming medicine that was used at that time. I heard that it would take a box stall, a halter with a chain lead and the horse backed into a corner to manage administering the worming cream into his mouth while he reared and struck out with his front legs.
My early records show that he was fearful to be touched on head, ears or mouth. He had pain in his neck, a twisting issue in the right hind hip/leg, and loads of other issues. We added some TTouch bodywork,groundwork and obstacle work along the way, and so many things changed as we progressed these lessons!
After a variety of Tellington TTouch bodywork sessions, the owner “Wolf” was proud to tell me that now the worming sessions were done quietly in the stall, no halter on horse, and head lowered calmly while medication was put into his mouth…no issues at all to deal with for either partner!
I looked over some of her letters to me over the years we worked with this kind horse, and am so grateful she learned what I have a passion to share with horse owners. Here are some of her comments and photos of dear “Cappy” and Tina:

“Tina and TTEAM allows us to learn a new approach to handling problems with horses.  The session with her lets us succeed at actually changing their behavior and comfort for the better by changing our own… that there are gentle and cooperative ways to be the ‘top horse’ in our partnership, and that the process of mutual respect really works”

Here are notes from her letters that struck me with how this work helps both the horse and the human…

” Cappy got shod yesterday and managed to sprain his butt by thrashing around with the farrier…so sore he couldn’t trot this morning…now back at spinning a quarter circle with the hind right leg. What a gift to know I could give him some real relief, immediately, without more damn Bute! I worked on him with my TTouch hands about 1/2 hour and he then walked much better… much less spin on the right hind leg. He’ll have more freedom of movement tomorrow, for sure. Thank You for all your help and education!”

By the time Cappy was about 28 years old…
“Cappy is much more cheerful and relaxed since your TTouch bodywork session recently…the ‘Mane Lift’ work (for the neck tension) is a particular favorite for him. Thank you so very much…You’ve been a good friend to both of us”

TinaCappyIsraelSF1994 3

TinaCappyIsraelSF1994 1

I’m told that “Wolf” moved to New York towards the later part of 2012 and passed away there at the beginning of 2013 after battling with a bad cancer.
I am told that the long time friends of “Wolf” Israel in San Francisco will be holding a memorial for the passing on of our dear friend on April 6, 2013. I’m in Oregon, and not able to hustle down there, but will be sending my heartfelt love to all as we again say “Good Bye” and peaceful travels to this wonderful person…Happy Journey, “Wolf” !

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