About Tina Hutton

About Tina Hutton : Image of Tina Hutton as a toddler in a Radio Super Wagon looking at a horse nearby, 1953

Tina Hutton as a toddler, captivated by a horse grazing nearby, 1953

Born a daughter of ranchers and equestrians, Tina began riding horses even before she could walk! She worked with equines for over 50 years, competing successfully in Dressage, Western Pleasure, Halter, Driving and Endurance. Most noteworthy, Tina offered humane education for horses and riders of every level for 30 years.

Tina studied extensively with masters of equestrian sport and training, including:

    Baron Von Blixen-Finecke, Olympic gold medalist and head of the Swedish cavalry.
    Jeff Moore, legendary dressage and vaulting champion.
    Linda Tellington-Jones, creator of TTEAM™ and TTOUCH™.
    Sally Swift, creator of Centered Riding.
    Beve Franklyn, colt starting and Bruce Howard Arabian Horse showing.
    Mia Segal, master Feldenkrais practitioner and educator.

Tina continued to pursue her own education so she could offer the best and most innovative information and techniques to her students.

Alternative Methods in Horsemanship™

TinaCappyIsraelSF1994The most profound moments in Tina’s education came when she suffered severe and debilitating injuries that would have ended the careers of most riders and trainers. Unable to see a life without horses, Tina set in motion the process of healing and re-educating her body to move and work without force and pain. Consequently, she found that this work translated directly and improved her horse’s movement and performance too. As a result of realizing the huge benefits of integrating techniques that addressed human body movement and awareness along with calm, non-combative training for horses, Tina developed her unique teaching style, Alternative Methods in Horsemanship™.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Tina Hutton. Tina no longer works with horses, however, she is returning to her first career as an artist. Do you need help with your horse, another companion animal, or even yourself? Find more information and a Practitioner to work with at Linda Tellington-Jones’ website, www.ttouch.com/

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