Alternative Methods in Horsemanship ™

Alternative Methods in Horsemanship ™ : Tina working with Cappy and his rider in Israel, 1994Created by Tina Hutton from her lifetime with horses and passion for education, Alternative Methods in Horsemanship ™ is a synthesis of techniques that address and correct the major issues faced by horses and their riders, including:

  • Rider body awareness and movement
  • Rider biomechanics and center/core awareness
  • Understanding horse behavior and communication
  • Proper gymnastic training for the horse

Tina’s expertise is solidly rooted in classical tradition from her years with the Baron Hans Von Blixen-Finecke and Jeff A. Moore, and master level certifications in Feldenkrais, TTEAM™/TTOUCH™ and rider biomechanics.

Tina Hutton has been a life-long seeker of education in many areas and considers herself a lifelong student. Besides her early training with her equestrian mentors, her work of over 28 years with Linda Tellington-Jones was one of the main influences that laid the foundation for Alternative Methods in Horsemanship ™.

In addition to the TTEAM™ work, Linda recommended studying Feldenkrais to help overcome injuries that hampered Tina’s riding.  Fortunately for Tina, the connection with Feldenkrais was manifold. She was referred to Leora Segal, Mia Segal’s daughter, to be riding coach for Leora’s daughter.  It happened that Mia was visiting from Israel and watched Tina teach a riding lesson and a behavior solving lesson to the horse. Mia was so impressed that she insisted Tina attend the three year certification program program in Holland, which she did.  Tina also became a certified practitioner in the MBS Feldenkrais Method, a vital component of Alternative Methods in Horsemanship ™.  In addition to her work with Linda Tellington-Jones, Tina was involved with and became certified in Centered Riding for many years, teaching at their certification clinics. Tina also holds a B.S. in Design from UC Davis.

By blending information and techniques from diverse modalities, Tina has created a multitude of educational opportunities for both four leggeds and two leggeds! She was often referred to as the “Queen of Teaching Tools” and her workshops were fun as well as informative.

Tina’s full CV dates back to 1962 and includes hundreds of seminars, clinics and competitions.  If you would like the full list in .pdf format, please contact Tina directly.


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