Alternative Methods in Horsemanship™ - For the Horse

It may come as a surprise, but for a sensitive, observant animal like the horse, where we stand, what we’re doing with our eyes and even how we breathe does matter.  Since theirs is a quiet language of movement and subtle sound, all of our gestures are interpreted as communication.  For most of us, our busy, modern lives unfortunately carry the frantic hurry of our day right to our equines, rather than the quiet awareness that is essential for effective communication with our horses.

Tina uses the full scope of TTEAM™  techniques which are not discipline-specific to educate horses and their owners.  So whether you are a dressage enthusiast, endurance champion or casual pleasure rider, Tina will teach you how to work with your horse using the language of movement and touch they will easily understand.  Tina and TTEAM™ will help:

  • Create a calm environment for your horse that facilitates learning
  • Increase your awareness so you are able to communicate respectfully and effectively with your equine partner
  • Help your horse teach itself how to move more efficiently
  • Move your relationship with your horse from dominance to partnership
  • Improve your equine’s performance


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