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What Tina’s students are saying about TTEAM™ for horses and individual training sessions with Tina…


My name is Pam Loftus. In my professional life I am a registered nurse of 29 years. In my personal life, my passion is my horses. I first met Tina Hutton in 1990. I was told about a workshop being held in Brentwood Ca. by Tina and off I went. Like a sponge I soaked up all the day provided and I got to utilize the lessons Tina shared that day soon after.

My horse at the time, Firefly,  had a tendency to colic every two months. That mystery was solved at a later date, but what did occur was that everything I was shown by Tina in that workshop helped him keep his heart rate down, increase his bowel sounds, release his body’s endorphins to assist in pain management, etc. The list goes on.

Over the next few decades my skills learned from Tina have been used in my riding career, my personal life and my professional life. I have been an enthusiastic endurance rider where when you are in the middle of nowhere and something goes wrong, you must know how to work with your mount. The lessons learned can mean a matter of life and death in some situations. Showing a nurse that I can change and alter a horse’s heart rate, BP, energy level, etc. with gentle, noninvasive techniques was eye-opening to say the least. My riding also improved dramatically. Along with learning to ride correctly, I learned a lot more about my own energy around these animals. Tina said the magic words to me: “Pam, you must become zen like with this horse.” A light bulb went on. Things to do today, Inhale, Exhale. And so I do.

I feel blessed to have Tina Hutton in my life. She has always just been a phone call away.

With light and love,

Pam Loftus, Concord, CA


“TTEAM and TTouch changed my relationship with my horse in such a wonderful, meaningful way. The experience even changed my relationship with life!”

K. G., California


“I was impressed right away with Tina Hutton. Everything she did was intentional and thoughtful of the horse. She was extremely sensitive to what she communicated to Harley. Harley was very receptive and quickly set his skepticism aside. I wish I had a video of what went on between them. He testified that she was as wonderful as I had hoped. Something that Tina showed me that I have never seen before is a very subtle leadership that she offered Harley within the first 15 minutes of their initial contact and to which he responded. While speaking of herself as a lead mare and the need to convince Harley of her trustworthiness as a leader (concepts that have made me uncomfortable in the past as it often goes with hitting, jerking, and moving feet needlessly), she did this in such subtle gentle and loving ways…wow. It blew the lid off of my “anti-alpha theory” box. It was fascinating. Harley definitely took cues from her.

If Tina let out her breath, Harley’s head would lower, his gaze soften, his breathing deepen…he might even sigh or lick and chew. It was actually the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. Harley asked her questions and she answered them with confident assurance…consistency without one iota of extra energy. Harley is extremely sensitive to how much energy humans use for everything. I feel like he was pretty surprised at finding a human who could manage and negotiate her energy level, while still communicating in *his* language things that he needed to hear. Gosh, it was stunning. Even watching this was like watching a dance, though it was all much “smaller” in terms of movement than the word “dance” would indicate. After the body work she did, I also noticed that Harley stood differently. Maybe it was just me and what I was hoping to see, but he seemed to carry himself differently.”

H. B., California


“The overall goal that I see in all of this is helping me to accomplish is having the kind of relationship with my horse that I want to have. I’m learning how to communicate with him in a way that he understands. Learning how to think how he thinks, learning how to talk how he talks. Learning how to understand what he is trying to communicate, to that there is a connection there, as opposed to this constant brick-wall that you keep running into with each other. Understanding how to get him to yield in the direction I want him to go. I’m learning that you’re helping me learn how to have this kind of relationship with my horse where your hands are clasped together instead of at odds with each other and how to work as a team. I mean that’s the whole idea of this thing is becoming a team. You have to learn how to talk like a horse, you have to learn how to think like a horse, you have to understand what is going through their mind to be the kind of leader to them you need to be.”

L.S., California


“Maggie was too much horse for me when I bought her but I was determined to make it work. When I first started leasing her my “gut” said don’t ride her for a year. But, since I was new to horses I listened to people that knew more then me and ignored my instincts. As it turned out I should have listened to my gut. Maggie just got angrier and angrier, bucking when you asked her to trot or canter, kicking or trying to bite other horses that got to close. I’d taken a couple of TTouch lessons with Tina but never continued doing TTouch on Maggie after my lesson was over. It was hard for me because I’m a results person not a process person So, if I didn’t see immediate results it must not work. Even though when Tina was done with Maggie she was usually swaying by the end. Lot’s of licking and chewing and yawning also. I just figured it was because Tina knew what she was doing and I didn’t.

Well, in October of 2003 I decided to stop taking lessons from a woman that was very good at what she does and helped me a lot, but to the detriment of Maggie. She was very angry and I could tell not happy at all. She ended up having arthritis in her hocks and she was in pain. I started taking lessons every month with Tina and practicing TTouch on Maggie in between Tina’s visits. After just 1 month I noticed a huge difference in her and after 2 months when I would ride her people would ask me who I was riding because she looked so different. My Natural Horsemanship trainer, Susan Tambara actually had to walk out of our snack room at the ranch to look and see who I was riding because she could not believe it was Maggie.

She’s much happier and I think not as in much pain due to the fact that I’ve been doing TTouch on her for only 5 months. Our group has a newsletter we put out every 3 months and in our last issue Maggie was named Yawning Horse of the Month and then in the issue we have coming up Maggie is named Yawning Horse of the Year. After lots of tears and frustration I’m getting the horse I want and the horse I knew Maggie could be thanks to TTouch and Tina Hutton.”

J. G., California

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