Alternative Methods in Horsemanship™ - TTEAM for Horses™

When our horse doesn’t perform, too often we interpret his behavior as disobedience or laziness, and will turn to discipline and repetitive drilling to ‘fix’ the problem. Results vary, and often we’re on to the next set of problems to fix and enter into a cycle that prohibits any real progress with our horse.

Tellington Touch Equine Awareness Method developed by Linda Tellington Jones for optimizing equine performance is practiced worldwide by professionals and amateurs from all disciplines. TTEAM™ does not rely on the dominance model for training equines and facilitates a horse’s learning process through a combined process of ground and mounted exercises along with TTOUCH™ body work.

Tina discovered TTEAM™ when she was searching for a method to maintain her equines’ fitness and training while she was recovering from injuries and unable to maintain her grueling training schedule and ride for hours at a time. She achieved stunning results not only for her horse but for her own riding as well, and went on to win several competitions that year. Tina continued her studies with Linda and is now a level 3 practitioner and offers clinics all over the world.

When you add TTEAM™ to your horse’s training, you can expect:

  • Better Balance
  • Increased responsiveness and willingness
  • Calm and focus
  • Improved riding

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