Alternative Methods in Horsemanship ™ - For the Rider

Understanding how your body works in relationship with the horse both on the ground and mounted is the key that unlocks the door to effective communication with you equine, regardless of the type of horse you ride or which discipline you pursue. In so many training scenarios, the rider’s body rarely gets attention and the focus is completely on the horse, yet our bodies are the instrument of influence on the horse. Tension and imbalance in our bodies have negative and detrimental impact on our horses and can lead to behavior or movement that we perceive as wrong, or disobedient, yet we are the cause!

Tina uses an integrated approach drawing from Feldenkrais, rider biomechanics via the techniques of Sally Swift* and TTOUCH™ to help riders achieve the essential connection and awareness of their bodies in relationship to their horses. Based on discoveries Tina made while rehabilitating her body from injuries that would have been career ending for most riders and trainers, the work she does with riders is gentle, non invasive and utilizes the human body’s biomechanics to access optimal ergonomics and freedom of movement which will enhance:

  • Posture
  • Balance
  • Body Awareness
  • Rider Biomechanics

*Tina was involved with the Centered Riding organization for 15 years and achieved Level 2 certification

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