Alternative Methods in Horsemanship ™ - Rider Services Testimonials

What Tina’s students are saying about Finding the Rider Within™  classes and individual rider training sessions with Tina…


“Just want to thank you again for the wonderful learning experience this past weekend. I wanted to let you know that my riding lesson with my own trainer last night was one of my better lessons. I had another break through with cantering, all because I let my hips move My mare was so happy! I was using my breathing to halt and walk on the way you taught me. I’m so excited about my progress that I asked my trainer for another lesson on Friday! I can’t thank you enough for showing me how to work with my body. I look forward to working with you again soon.”
M. Baccala, California


“THANK YOU for the inspiring session! …the ‘centered walking’ with
myself on the ground is amazing. I feel so much smoother and stable. When
riding, I’ve also been cantering bareback and feel so stable. Wow!”
JVH, Oakland, California


“I can’t believe it!…After years of riding instructors nagging at me to
keep my heels down, Feldenkrais was like a miracle – it ‘released ‘ my heels
so they were ABLE to come down! And that is only one of the big changes I’ve
noticed since starting Feldenkrais…my back is softer, hands more
expressive, am able to isolate the aids more easily. And this all happened
while my horse was laid up and not able to be ridden!”
LK, Sierra Foothills, California


“…After the clinic last weekend, I’ve now had to let my stirrup irons down
2 holes! The lessons we learned in the classroom for the rider was such a
bonus with the Feldenkrais lessons, followed by the TTEAM groundwork – our
horses sure appreciated our efforts!
Needless to say, I was riding in my dreams until a week ago!!”
AS, San Francisco, California


Hi Donna [Snyder Smith] & Tina,

I have some fun news to share with both of you. We had a schooling show at our barn last weekend, and they offered gaited dressage tests, so I decided to do one on Juarez. He was a totally good boy, and we scored 61.579%! The part I really wanted to share with the two of you was that my best scores (7’s) were for my transitions from walk to Paso Llano, my halts (Tina, I’ve been practicing that halt you’ve taught me so many times, and he did it perfectly every time – square and steady!) and a Collective Mark for “rider’s position & seat, correctness and effect of aids” (Donna, I hear your voice in my head every time I get in the saddle and position myself before we start a ride!) There’s another show in October, so I’m going to work on improving my circles and my free walk. Who knew dressage could be so much fun???

M. Doud  Stockton, CA

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