Alternative Methods in Horsemanship™ - Learning Library

Want to know more about the techniques and methods Tina uses? Here you will find and index of articles and videos for Tellington TTOUCH™ and T.T.E.A.M.™, Feldenkrais and anything else Tina thinks would be useful for the horse and rider.  Check back often for new recommendations!


 TTOUCH™ for Dressage Horses DVD

 Problem Solving Under Saddle with TTEAM™

 Basic Intro to TTOUCH™ for Horses

 Let’s Ride! With Linda Tellington-Jones- Fun and TTeamwork with Your Horse or Pony

 Dressage with Mind Body and Soul; A 21st Century Approach by Linda Tellington Jones and Rebecca Didier


  Why and How MBS Feldenkrais differs from Yoga and Pilates

  Basic Intro to Feldenkrais


 Working Magic with Dressage Horses: Reiner Klimke & Linda Tellington Jones

“Geronimo My Hero” (Article on Page 28)

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