Here’s a list of my favorite, highly recommended colleagues, instructors, practitioners, guides and artists that I have the pleasure to know:


My Feldenkrais educational trainers:

MBS Academy

Feldenkrais Heritage YouTube Channel


Horse related Training/Education links:

Tellington TTouch Practitioner Guild

Tellington TTouch Training™

YouTube – TellingtonTTouch’s Channel 

Robin Hood’s farm in Canada | Tellington clinics and Icelandic horse breeding)


Products via TTouch site that I use:

Thermo-Pad Instant Heating Pad Home Page


Book that I wrote a chapter in (Massage and TTouch)

TTouch for Healthcare Book – $39.95 – Tellington TTouch Training


Books I illustrated:

The Art of Training: Lessons from a Lifetime with Horses


Other equine/ teachers that I have been colleagues with and recommend:

Connected Riding Horseback Riding Method – Peggy Cummings

Wendy Murdoch | Murdoch Method



Other TTouch pros I admire and know that work in other countries and/or with other species:

Sarah Fisher |Head of UK TTouch™ Guild


Kathy Cascade | Dogs

Marty Bennett Camelidynamics  | Alpaca and Llama Training

Bibi Degn | Head of German TTouch Guild

Dr Ella Bittel | Spirits in Transition


Holistic Vets:

Kerry Ridgway,Institute for Equine Therapeutic Options – Kerry Ridgway, DVM


Dog Behavioralist

Turid Rugaas | International Dog Trainer

Check out her Calming Signals DVD it’s awesome for all creatures, including two leggeds!


Breathing Techniques

Optimal Breathing | Michael Grant White


Youth and therapy groups/programs I  worked with and taught:

Green Chimneys (assisted LTJ at conference in NY)

Charis Center (created and taught At Risk Youth animal assisted therapy program, using TTouch™)



Useful tools to help with rehab/rescue animals therapy:

Pet Acoustics | Creating a Sound World for Animals by Janet Marlow

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals


Certification Courses for Equine Studies:

Equinology | Quality courses in equine sports massage, horse care


And these are artists that I admire:

Karen Hutton | Life is Light Photography

Victoria’s Originals | The Artwork of Victoria Brooks (Oil Painting, Watercolors, Plein Air, Portraits)

B.K.England, |Equine Artist (Pastels and Pencil, Cards, Commissioned art, Photo Portraits

Sally Martin | Equine Art (Painting, Drawings)


Safari hosts of both my rides in Kenya (1989, 2010)

Safaris Unlimited Kenya Africa Wildlife and Horseback Adventure Holiday

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